Ajay Banga's Reading List

by Ajay Banga

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Ajay Banga is the President and CEO of Mastercard.

My Reading List


1. Hit Refresh by Satya Nardella

"This book, written by a good friend of mine, provides a great balance of insight into an organizational transformation and how that change can personally impact the leaders that must help drive it."

2. The Women Who Made NY by Julie Scelfo 

"Historical books often focus on the people in the forefront. The Women Who Made NY focuses on great women who may not have received all of the accolades, but were essential in shaping the great city that I live in."

3. Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II  by Liza Mundy

"What an inspiring story about these great women codebreakers from WWII who were essential in shaping our history. It makes me think about what more we can be doing to foster these skills in the young women of today and ensure they play a more visible role in shaping our collective future."

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