No More Frying!

by Barbara Washington

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I always knew the way I cooked wasn’t healthy, but I did it anyway because I enjoyed the taste. I used lard or Crisco to fry my meats. I fried potatoes, chicken, pork chops, and steaks. I even added the used grease from the meat to my corn bread to make the edges right. When I cooked my greens, I put smoked ham or salted pork in them and always added grease from the meat for extra flavor.

Before bed, I would eat a bowl of ice cream with donuts or cookies. And I drank a Pepsi to wash it all down. The foods I loved to eat were killing me. I weighed 238 pounds. It was hard to walk up the stairs, and running was a no-no.

When I went to see my doctor, she told me I had very high cholesterol and was going to have a heart attack or a stroke because the meats in my diet were not healthy. Along with this, I had acid reflux because of the soda, chocolate, and coffee. I was on the border of getting diabetes due to my late night snacks.

My doctor asked me to go see a nutritionist, and she showed me which foods were good for me and gave me tips on exercising. I learned how to use oils that do not come from animal fat and how to replace smoked ham with smoked turkey in my greens. (To my surprise, this tasted great.) She showed me how baked food can taste just as good as fried food. Everything that she changed in my diet was good for me and my family, and it was tasty.

I started baking my meats instead of frying them. It’s healthier and less messy. I stopped eating pork, and I slowed down on beef. Now, I eat leaner meats, like fish, chicken, and turkey. To bake bread I use low fat margarine or canola oil. I eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and I don’t eat after seven. I no longer eat junk like I used to. If I get hungry, I drink some water or have a piece of fruit. I stopped buying ice cream, cakes, and soda. Instead, I drink tea and one percent milk.

I exercise three times a week and I speed walk wherever I have to go. After the change in my diet, my cholesterol went down. I’m no longer on the border for diabetes, and my acid reflux is better. Now I weigh 180 pounds. I know it’s still a lot but I feel much better today than yesteryears.

Eating healthy is a beautiful thing, but loving my body and watching what I put in it is even more beautiful.

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